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Remodeling or adding on to your home is a big task. You will undoubtedly have questions about how to get started and how to think about making changes that will improve your life, not make it more complicated. On this page I will be posting links to helpful resources you may want to consult.

ADU Information

Finding useful information about accessory dwellings and in-law units can be frustrating. I have collected the best and most useful information about this project type at specialist website, The site provides lots of useful information about what accessory dwellings are, how people are using them, and some key things to look out for when you are designing them.

I’m in print!

Books by David Locicero

Check out my books available through You can purchase them right from this site! (Full disclosure: if you buy one of these books, I will earn a royalty. Not such a bad thing, really.)

Other Book Recommendations

I have hand selected a few titles to get you started on your project. My recommendations are organized into four categories: architecture, remodeling, drawing and for kids. I will be adding books to these categories as I find titles that are truly useful. The recommendations are at and can be purchased directly from the page. (Full disclosure: The links provided Amazon Affiliate links. I receive a small commission for any sales made through these links.)

Bay Area Resources

Finding sources for materials, fixtures and finishes can be frustrating, even for professionals who do this for a living. The resources I find myself relying on again and again are listed here. I have been happy with these resources in the past, your mileage may vary. I am not receiving any compensation or consideration for including these links on my website.

Stores / Showrooms

Don’t overlook the Home Depot as a resource. If you select carefully from their stock of materials, finishes, fixtures, appliances, cabinets, counters and lighting you can get a very refined look. They have stores located throughout the Bay Area.

Also not to be overlooked is Ikea as a resource for cabinets, counters, plumbing fixtures, appliances and lighting. If you choose wisely, you can achieve a durable, sophisticated look. The Bay Area Ikea stores are located in Emeryville and East Palo Alto.

Sullivan Countertops: a locally owned and operated source for most countertop materials. Located in North Oakland.

Import Tile: a locally owned and operated source for ceramic, porcelain and glass tile. Located in South Berkeley.

Brent’s Custom Cabinets: a locally owned and operated source for custom cabinetry. Located in Fremont.


MEMGC (415-290-3481) is a San Francisco based construction company owned and operated by Michael Miranda. Michael is responsible for executing the San Francisco In-law Legalization. He has also been involved from the beginning in the San Francisco Foundation Replacement and Additional Dwelling project providing invaluable advice. I admire his attention to technical issues and the ability to pull together a team. I look forward to working with him in the future.

Proworks Renovation and repair (510-579-8903) is a Fremont based construction company owned by Jerrod Gobel. Jerrod is the construction talent behind the Fremont Kitchen and the Sunnyvale Remodel, and, I hope, more projects in the future. Jerrod is a skilled carpenter with a quick mind and professional attitude. Working with him has been a joy.
Uscanuy Contractors (510-435-3716) is an Oakland based construction company owned by Robert Hernandez. Robert has been involved in several of my projects over the last few years. I admire his ability to understand the project goals. His teams are hard working, and skilled. It’s always a pleasure to work with him.
 I will be adding more links here to resources for contractors, appliances, materials and manufacturers that I have used in the past.

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