Transforming problem houses into Dream Homes

San Francisco Remodel

David Locicero | architect

Started in 2015

1700 square feet

Private clients

The Problem: A typical San Francisco house with the main living area over a full floor garage. The back of the garage had been converted to living space at some point without permits. The owners wanted to convert the lower level to a master suite with permits. The existing connection between the main level and the garage level was by a narrow, twisting stair that does not meet code. In addition the wall separating the existing stair from the property line had large windows, which is not permitted by code.

The Clients: A busy professional couple with an active son.

The Solution: The ceiling height at the lower level was too low. We would have to excavate down about a foot to make the ceilings code compliant. The existing stair connecting the levels was to be replaced with a legal stair. This would require moving the laundry upstairs. The stair landing became a critical place for the family accommodating the family computer.

This image is of the proposed master bath room. The room would have had a soaking tub, with a view out to the garden, a shower, toilet, and vanity.


Click on this image to see a short video walk through of the proposed design. The video will open in a new window. The design was refined after this video was made, but this gives a good idea of what the landing would have been like.

The Results: Preliminary pricing came in too high to build the project. The clients eventually decided not to remodel.

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