Transforming problem houses into Dream Homes

A Small San Francisco Intervention Makes A Big Impact

David Locicero | architect

Completed in 2018

80 square feet

Private Clients

The Problem: The existing mid-century modern house, with a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean, was marred by an unsympathetic stair and banister joining the entry level to the main room, and a tiny master bathroom.

The Clients: A busy working couple with a love for mid-century modern architecture and design.

The Solution: Working in phases, we first tackled the stair and banister that joined the entry level to the main room. We removed the original vaguely Spanish style banister and stair. We designed a custom iron and walnut replacement which is much more in keeping with the mid-century aesthetic.

For the master bathroom, we were able to juggle some spaces around and expand the master bath into what used to be a short section of hallway. The outdoor access was moved to the laundry room, which was closer to the access to the main floor.

The Results: These minor interventions in the house made a major impact. The new banister and stair are more in keeping with the mid-century house, and the owners and guests are no longer distracted by the weird Spanish vibe of the originals.

The master bathroom expansion allowed not only a more generous master bath, but moved the outdoor access closer to the access to the main floor, making for easier access to the out of doors.

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