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Random Photo #8: the Spirit of Ecstasy

2021 Random Photo Series

As a way of rounding out the year, I have decided to share 3 random photos from my phone each week, along with a discussion about why I took the picture. This might give you a sense of how I think and who I am.

Random Photo #8:

The Rolls-Royce mascot / hood ornament is known as the Spirit of Ecstasy. Image copyright 2021, David Locicero

She looks like she needs a bit of a polish.

2021 was the year I fulfilled a childhood dream and purchased a Rolls-Royce. The 1986 Silver Spur has been a real joy to drive. It has also lived up to the Rolls-Royce reputation for needing constant and expensive maintenance.

The car itself was not expensive to purchase. This era of Rolls are actually very affordable to buy. But, as expected, it does cost to maintain. Since buying it I have driven it from it’s old home in San Diego up to Oakland, around town, and down to Fremont and up to Sonoma and Napa. These cars need to driven

The local RR specialist mechanic has been awesome. She did a thorough inspection and has helped me prioritize what needs to be done to take care of the deferred maintenance that the previous owner put off, and to correct things that the previous owner/mechanic did wrong, and to ensure the car will be in top shape, all within my limited budget.

In the 8 months that I’ve owned the car, it has spent 3-1/2 months at the shop. It has also broken down once, in traffic, on the highway. Since it’s last trip to the mechanic, however, it has been running very well. I have been driving it around town a couple days a week, and have been taking it out on increasingly long drives as well. I want to be sure it won’t break down again before I take it out for a long drive again.

But the Spirt of Ecstasy inspires me to keep on driving!


close up image of a Rolls-Royce mascot / hood ornament, the Spirit of Ecstasy


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