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Random Photo #7: because I forget

2021 Random Photo Series

As a way of rounding out the year, I have decided to share 3 random photos from my phone each week, along with a discussion about why I took the picture. This might give you a sense of how I think and who I am.

Random Photo #7:

Parking garage floor marker, because I forget. Copyright 2022, David Locicero

Years ago I worked with a guy who was so full of life, there was hardly any space in his head for the mundane. I remember, that if you went anywhere with him and he was driving, he would say, “Remember where we’re parked, because I won’t.”

And he wasn’t lying.

Well, now, as I am getting older, I find that I forget where I’ve parked. Especially in parking garages where every floor looks the same. I can’t tell you how many photos I have in my phone like this one. I routinely take pictures of the floor markers in parking garages, or the aisle markers in big parking lots, just so I can find my car again.

This particular floor marker is in one of the parking garages at the Kaiser medical campus. I like the big, bold, graphic numbers. They are easy to see, easy to read, and make nice photos.

Do you do this too? Am I the only one?


image of the numeral 4 against a blue background


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