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Year End Random Photo #3: embracing decay

2021 Random Photo Series

As a way of rounding out the year, I have decided to share 3 random photos from my phone each week, along with a discussion about why I took the picture. This might give you a sense of how I think and who I am.

Random Photo #3:

Bayside pilings. Image copyright 2021, David Locicero.


These pilings support a a sculpture in the Bay in Emeryville.

I was interested in how some of them were almost totally worn away.

I was trying to capture as many of the damaged pilings in one picture that I could without getting my feet wet.

There is a melancholy beauty in the decay. It reminds us that things don’t last forever. But it also impresses on me the need to select architectural materials that age well and gain a patina from use, getting more comfortable over time and displaying the patterns of life lived in a building.


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