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New Home Project in Benicia Complete

The New Avenue Homes project in Benicia is complete!

Note the feature image above is a stamp in the concrete walk leading up to the house. Apparently, there used to be a City owned barn on the site.

As you may know, I am a partner architect with New Avenue Homes, a design/build firm that specializes in helping people build their accessory dwelling units (ADUs). But we also help people build their new homes, too.

The project in Benicia was designed by noted Green Architect Nir Pearlson. Our client purchased the plans online for one of his houses before she even had a property. I helped her evaluate a couple of sites before she settled on the property she ultimately purchased.

Acting as the Architect of Record, I made some modifications to the plan so that it better fit the property, and a couple of small changes at the owners request. I also designed a carport for the project, as the city required covered, off-street parking. Working with a talented New Avenue Homes contractor, I helped the owner make decisions, and observed the construction, helping to answer questions the contractor had, as well as helping resolve issues the inspectors had.

The project is now complete and you see pictures and more information at the New Avenue Homes website. It turned out really well. This is a great example of having a good team, all working toward the same end.

If you are thinking about building an ADU, or a new home, I recommend checking out New Avenue Homes. The package of services and the proprietary project management platform we use is a very good value.

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