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Oakland ADU Project Complete

I’ve been working on this accessory dwelling unit (called a Secondary Dwelling Unit in Oakland) for a while now. We ran into problems with the pandemic supply chain, and labor shortages and PGE hookups and any number of other things, but it is now habitable.

This modern cottage sits down hill from the primary dwelling. The garage door is there to open up the main bunk room to the outdoors. Photo copyright 2021, David Locicero, Architect.

The only thing that remains is to put the green roof system on the roof. The owner, who is a contractor, is having trouble sourcing the various required underlayments because of green roofs aren’t common, and the pandemic as wreaked havoc with the supply chain. But they are sill planning to put the sod on as soon as they can.

The materials are cement plaster, ipe siding, redwood decking, and black metal window and door frames. Photo copyright 2021, David Locicero, Architect.

This is a free standing ADU, just shy of 1000 square feet. The owners intend to live in the unit while they remodel and add on to their primary house up the hill on the site. When that is done, it will be a guest house and home office.

This is the view from the dining area into the bunk room. Photo copyright 2021, David Locicero, Architect.

We designed it with one big bunk room. Right now the bunk room is divided into two sleeping areas with a big shelving/storage unit. That unit can be removed later to make the bunk room a combined living sleeping room.

Each end of the bunk room has a roll up garage door which opens up the room to the outside. This is real California living!

View from the bunk room toward the dining room. You can see the custom storage unit that is currently dividing the bunk room into two sleeping areas. Photo copyright 2021, David Locicero, Architect.

There is a nicely appointed bathroom, a small kitchen, and a small dining area, which is fitted out as a sitting room right now. The expansive deck provides plenty of space for dining, lounging, and entertaining. The glass rails allow the view to come through unimpeded.

The kitchen is tight, but functional. All of the appliances are full size. Photo copyright 2021, David Locicero, Architect.

I’m pleased with the cement plaster and ipe cladding. It helps to break up the mass of the building and looks quite contemporary.

The deck provides generous space for eating, lounging, and entertaining. The glass guardrails ensure that the view is the star of the show. Photo copyright 2021, David Locicero, Architect

There are a few little exterior items to take care of along with the green roof, but for all intents and purposes, this project is complete. I am very pleased to see how my clients have decorated the place and are busy settling in.



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