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Benica Project – Project Process – December 2020

The new house project under construction in Benicia is coming along nicely. I visited the site with the client and the builder on Wednesday of last week. It was a beautiful autumn day, and the house looked great.

The cladding is up! Image copyright 2020, David Locicero, architect

All of the cladding is up and the doors and windows are in! This is exciting as we can now start to see how the house will really look. The owner is having the builder make up some paint mock ups so that she can pick the colors for the siding and trim.

The exterior decking is almost finished. You can see the carport in the distance. Image copyright 2020, David Locicero, architect

The roofing material has arrived and the builder has started to install the roofing. This has become a critical item because the City Inspector will not final the rough electrical installation until the building is “weather tight”, meaning: siding up, doors and windows in, and roofing complete.

The kitchen and door to the deck as seen from the front door. Image copyright 2020, David Locicero, architect

Because the delivery of the roofing material was delayed, and we can’t get the rough electrical inspection finaled, interior work has been delayed. But with the windows in, once the roof is done, the builder should be able to move quickly to install the insulation and sheet rock, then all the finish work can begin.

The front door as seen from the kitchen. You can see the double door leading to the guest room in the center of the picture. Image copyright 2020, David Locicero, architect.

The house was designed by Oregon Architect Nir Pearlson, for whom I am acting as the local, California, Architect of Record. As the architect of record, I have ensured that the design complies with the California Building Code, provided additional documentation required by California, and am providing Construction Phase services for the client. All of these things are what an architect does for their clients. I am also work on this project in association with New Avenue Homes.

With the tall grasses removed, we found this WPA marker on the landing at the gate to the property. Apparently the old barn that was on the site until 2007 probably belonged to the City of Benicia in the past. The owner will be keeping this pad in place. Image copyright 2020, David Locicero, architect

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