Transforming problem houses into Dream Homes

Architecture Is An Adventure!

When you embark on an architecture project, no matter if you are renovating a bathroom, or building a new house, you are setting off on an adventure!

Think of it as your own person Lord of The Rings – without the orcs. But, instead of trying to get rid of that pesky ring, you are setting off to find a Shangrala (of sorts) – your own, better home!

And like any adventure, it has it’s own cast of characters: the Hero (you), the Guide (the architect), the Sidekick (the contractor), and sometimes an evil villain (and who that is will depend on the project: can be a city bureaucrat, an obstinate sub-contractor, or even the weather.

But regardless, it will be an adventure! With your guide by your side, it will be a much more successful adventure. That is what architects do: guide you through the process.

If you are considering girding your loins and preparing to set off on your own epic adventure, get your copy of my Project Planning Cheat Sheet to help you prepare for the adventure to come! Just sign up in the form on the right side of this page.

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