Transforming problem houses into Dream Homes

Designing a Master Bathroom

I have a project in my studio at the moment where the design of a new master bathroom is a key aspect of the project. We are adding on a new family room and master bedroom, and converting one of the existing bedrooms into the master bathroom.

The existing bedroom is fairly small, only about 10 x 11. Since this space is also the way the clients will enter into their master bedroom, they want it to be modern, fairly posh, and spa-like.

We have talked at length about what they want, what they can afford, and how they want this space to function and to feel.

In response to this client’s needs, I have designed the bathroom to have three zones. Zone one is the circulation through the room from the hallway to the master bedroom. Zone two is the “dry area” where the vanities are. Zone three is the “wet” area, with the shower and toilet. Zones two and three are separated by a glass wall with a sliding glass door.

Perspective plan view of the bathroom. All of the ceiling mounted lights and fans are still showing and the software sees them as solid – so they are casting shadows that won’t exist in reality. The three zones are clear here. Image copyright 2019, David Locicero, architect.

The floor and the long wall of zone three will be tiled in the same darker tile. The two opposing walls where the vanities are will be tiled in a contrasting tile. The tiles shown in the illustration are place holders until we’ve selected the actual tile.

Twin vanities face one another across the room. The “dry” zone is separated from the “wet” zone by a glass wall with a sliding glass door. Image copyright 2019, David Locicero, architect.

Behind the camera in the image above, we have converted the old bedroom’s closet into a storage cabinet which will contain, towels, bath supplies, medicine, and other bathroom necessities. They want to keep the bathroom clutter free when it’s not in use. This solution wouldn’t work for everyone, but is specific to this client.

Designing an addition, remodel, or new home is the client’s opportunity to tailor the space to their needs. We can make the new place support they way the client wants to live, rather than having the house dictate how they can live. It is all about personalizing the building so that it is right for the client. That’s what architect’s do.

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