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5 Great Gifts For A Modern Home

We’re coming up on the holidays. Giving gifts can be so stressful. But I have some solutions to help relieve that stress: Great modern gifts, available on Amazon, so shipping happens quickly and customer service is great.

(Just a disclaimer: Each of these links is through my Amazon Associates account, so if you make a purchase, at no cost to you, I will get a small royalty. Your shopping is made easier, your loved ones get a great gift, and I get a little something, too. We all win!)

Here are 5 great gifts for the modern home / modern home owner. These are all Dave tested and Dave approved. They all make great gifts for yourself, for friends or loved ones, or house warming gifts for folks you know who may have just moved in.

1 – A Nespresso coffee maker.

These machines make terrific coffee. We have one in the house and every day starts with an espresso drink. It’s just the kick I need to enter the day productively. We have tried most of the Nespresso coffees and settled on some favorites. Note that Nespresso can provide you with a mailer that allows you can return the used pods to Nespresso – at no cost to you – so that the pods can be recycled.

2 – A stainless steel bar set.

When architects aren’t working, buzzed on coffee, we are trying to relax. Mixing a cocktail at the end of a productive day at work is a delightful way to unwind. Currently I’m mixing Manhattans at the end of the day. Some cheese, crackers, and olives and you are ready to chat with your spouse or partner about your days. It’s a civilized way to reenter your home life. Or wait ’til the kids are asleep. But you might need a stiffer drink.

3 – An Amazon Echo.

We got one of these last year and we love it. We’ve got several sets of LED lights connected wirelessly to the Echo so we can turn on and off (and dim), the lights at our command. It makes me feel like my Star Trek fantasies are coming true! We also use it to find out about weather, traffic, news, and when we just need some cool jazz to accompany those cocktails, Alexa knows just what to play.

4 – Modern House Numbers.

If we didn’t live in a condo, we’d have these numbers on our house. It makes a wonderful way to spruce up the front of the house, by adding these sophisticated, modern, stainless steel address numbers. These are the big ones – 8-inches – but they make 6-inch and 4-inch numbers, too.

5 – knock off Aalto Stools.

These are some of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can own. They work as stools, tables, and plant stands. When you don’t need them, you can stack them up and stash them in a closet. Or just keep them out and move them around wherever you might need them. They are based on the iconic design by the Finish modernist architect Alvar Aalto. His stools are the originals, but you have to hunt them down and pay a pretty penny for real Aalto stools. But on Amazon, a decent look alike is just a click away.

Finding gifts for the modern home or modern home owner can be difficult. These are just some of the wonderful products available. It can take some hunting to find the good stuff, but when you find it, you’ll know it.

Have a very happy holiday!

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