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Online Course: ADUs and You

The sister website to is At you will find all kinds of information about accessory dwellings, and how to go about building one on your property. For those of you with existing un-permitted in-law units, there is also information about legalizing existing in-law units. It’s a pretty handy resource, if I say so myself.

For those of you who need more information, I am developing an online, video based course, ADUs and You. At the moment, it looks like the course will have 16 videos. I am pulling together content and illustrations for the final three videos this week. Once all the information is ready, I will be recording the videos in June.

If all goes well, we’ll be launching the online course at the end of July. I’m pretty excited about this course. I have been working on this course for 5 months, writing all of the content and creating most of the illustrations myself.  It summarizes several years of experience designing accessory units in a useful and informative format. When you have completed the course, you will know more about accessory dwellings than many architects! All of the information is useful and actionable. Applying what you learn in the course will make it easier for you to get your accessory dwelling approved.

I’ll let you know when the course is ready. In the mean time, if you have questions about accessory dwellings or in-law units, check out


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