Transforming problem houses into Dream Homes

Archtober18: Making Places

October is National Architecture Month, also known in some circles as Archtober. To commemorate the month, I am going to post a brief post every day of the month.

This is the most important post of the series. I should have started with this post. But I was so excited about writing the Archtober posts, I leapt in and got started. But this idea is the one that is the foundation for all my work: architects make PLACES.

There is a difference between “spaces” and “places”.

Spaces are generic and general.

Places are customized and specific.

Places are spaces made with habitation in mind.

A space is just that: empty square footage without purpose or character, without provisions for human habitation. There are a lot of buildings out there that provide space. They are cheap and boring and forgettable. They can also be expensive and pompous and unpleasant. But they are not designed for individual persons to use in any thoughtful way.

Places provide the same square footage but with purpose and character, designed to accommodate the way we really use the facility. They can be cheap or expensive or someplace in between. But they are never boring, forgettable, or unpleasant. They are designed for specific purposes, for specific people or groups of people, and are designed for real life conditions.

Places take into account function, purpose, use (each is slightly different).

Places take into account climate, site, setting, context (physical, cultural, emotional).

Paces take into account habitation, how people actually interact with and use buildings.

This is why custom homes feel so much better than developer houses.

This is why purpose built office spaces feel so much better than speculative offices.

Places are made for habitation.

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