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Every Project Is An Adventure

Any successful architectural project needs three quality partners and one healthy attitude. The successful partners are The Client, The Architect, and The Builder. The healthy attitude is that designing and building any architectural project is An Adventure. This post is about The ADVENTURE.

These 4 essential pieces to a successful architectural project are illustrated in the image below. The adventure can be fun and exciting, or fraught and difficult. The experience is up to the team and the attitude taken. Every project will have challenges. Obstacles will present themselves, some early in the process, some late in the process. But the attitude of the team will determine whether the project takes a nasty turn, or if it continues on a positive, forward direction.

Expect the unexpected. Trust the team. Face the challenges. Make decisions. Continue moving forward. That is the key to a successful ADVENTURE.

The client, architect, and builder have to be able to work together as a team. This is one reason I recommend getting the builder involved in the project early in the design process. It helps the builder understand the project’s goals, why the design is the way it is, and it builds trust between all the team members.


I also believe that we should enter into an architectural project with the attitude that it is an Adventure, an unusual, exciting, risky, experience often into unknown territory. I can’t think of a better description of an architectural project.

They are UNUSUAL because every project is unique. There has never been a design just like yours. There might be some that are similar, but yours is unique. 

They are EXCITING because every project is about making your life easier or better in some way, capturing and fulfilling your dreams. That is exciting all by itself. Then when you start seeing the design get transferred from paper into real life, it really gets exciting.

They are RISKY because each project is unique. There is a lot of money at stake. There are often things that nobody can anticipate that happen during construction. The weather is an unknown. Many obstacles can come up to slow things down, or force changes. But if the team has a shared, clear vision and mutual trust, any obstacles can be overcome.

They are always ventures in the UNKNOWN. No matter how clear your vision, how skilled and experienced you architect and your builder, every project is an experience of venturing into the unknown. Most clients have never built before. Every design is unique. Every remodel has it’s own challenges. Every construction project is a bespoke solution to a unique problem.

One of the things an architect does is act as the guide to the adventure. Although your project is unique, the architect has done similar work before, been down this road with others. The architect can anticipate some of the obstacles, has an idea about how to address some of the challenges. It is what an architect does. Some obstacles and challenges will be unique to your project. But with experience and help from the builder and decisiveness from the client, the challenges can be met and the obstacles over come. And the solutions often make for an even better project!

But the end result will be fun, functional, and fabulous! Getting to the end is an Adventure. Enjoying the results of the Adventure is the pay off – a life which is improved and enhanced, dreams fulfilled.

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